In order to discover your core you have to challenge yourself first.

- Sergiu Mare

About Mare Sergiu

Sergiu Mare | Front end developer Javascript Developer


Welcome to my page, my name is Sergiu Mare and I am a Front-End/Javascript Developer.

I am a continuous learner, goal oriented, open-minded person with a strong work ethic peronality.

From the first day, I stepped on this path I believed that with the right determination your can achieve everything.

Success is only a step ahead, if you see the path.

My technology stack


  • Writing semantic HTML5

  • Testing how the browser understands the markup

  • Incoporating accesability into the project

  • Testing the markup with a screen reader

  • Writing markup for legacy browsers (bellow IE11)


  • Expert in writing CSS3, that is cross-browser compatible

  • Experience with old browser, IE8-E11

  • Expert in creating css animations

  • Using SASS and LESS

  • Expert in SVG animations


  • Using, extendig and implementing webpack in my current projects

  • Using webpack in Vue.js and React.js projects


  • Used in projects as a task runner for repetitive tasks, compressing, converting, and formatting JS, CSS, images, svgs and other files.


  • Expert in writing client-side and server-side javascript

  • Making usage of the new js features found in ES6, ES7 and ES8

  • Expert in consuming API data via HTTP request

  • Capable of doing OOP in javascript


  • Expert in DOM manipulation via Jquery

  • Expert in using AJAX to fetch/send data

  • Expert in using Jquery in hibryd projects, together with React or Vue

  • Expert in using and writing Jquery plugins

  • Expert in writing reusable jquery modules for razor views


  • Expert in using Vue to create SPA

  • Expert in using Vue in hybrid projects alog other js libraries

  • Expert in using Vuex as a state management system

  • Good usage of using Nuxt to run Vue on the server

  • Expert in using Vue router


  • Expert in using React to create SPA

  • Expert in using React in hybrid projects

  • Expert in using Redux as a state management system

  • Expert in using React router

  • Personal experience of using Next to run React on the server


  • Experience setting up using MongoDB

  • Experience in creating, saving, updating and deleting data in MongoDB

  • Experience in using MongoDB with PaaS services providers like Heroku

PaaS & BaaS

  • Experience working with Heroku

  • Experience working Firebase


  • Experience in using Photoshop

  • Experience in working with designers

  • Understanding UX and getting involved into the process


  • Experience in using Jest

  • Experience in using Puppeteer

  • Experience in writing unit tests

  • Experience in writing integration tests

  • Experience in writing e2e tests

Headless CMS

  • Experience in installing, using and deploying the headlessCMS(Strapi)

  • Experience in creating reusable components in Strapi

  • Experience in implementing Strapi in Vue.js and Nuxt projects


  • Loving to write server-side javascript

  • Experince in creating API with EXPRESS as microservices

  • Loving to use node to save data, sending emails and process logic


  • Experience working in .NET projects as a Front End Dev

  • Understanding the structure of the project

Programming design patterns

  • SOLID: a collection of five programming principles which makes the code safer and easier to handle

  • DRY: don't repeat yourself


Does it sound like a match?

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In order to call the right person when the right moment comes, it's crucial, and trust is the mutual value that we all share.