gnc construction

Project name


Team size

I was the only developer working on this project. I had full responsibility of it.

Working methodologies

I was working in an AGILE way. I based my work on tickets, estimations, and documentation. I enforced code quality by having coding standards, code reviews and a lot of tests.

Project responsability

My responsibility for this project was to manage the Front-End, Back-end, UX, Design, Content, Infrastructure, Project Management and BA.


The front end of this web solution is built with HTML5, CSS3, SCSS, Nuxt, Vue, Vuex, Vue router Webpack and Jest. The back end of this web solution is built with Node.js and Express.js. I used Heroku as PaaS. I used Trello for project management and Nuclino for documentation.

What did I do on this project?

This web application was a greenfield project. Every module was build from scratch. I was building modules and pages based on design. The whole project work was entirely my responsibility.

Project length

I was working on this project for 3 months.

Check out the project

Please click here to see the web solution.

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