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Finalized projects

gnc construction

Case study GNC-Construction

Thinking about doing some constructions? We did as well!

Having the right partner to join you on this path is crucial for the success of the project.

fed landing page desktop

Case study - Fed by Abel&Cole

Do you like organic food? I do as well!

A greenfield project which brought a lot of challenges but also satisfaction.

For more details in regards to the project click the details button.

rps landing page  desktop

Case study RPS

A greenfield project for internal use which increased productivity off the whole team.

For more details in regards to the project click the details button.

The skills which I have will make your website be fully responsive, SEO friendly, and high performant. In order to consolidate your image in regards to my skills, please check out my about page.

Sergiu Mare - Front end - Javascript developer

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